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Details of the owner of the website “www.gesemconsultoria.com ”
Address: C/ Arquitecto Santiago Perez Aracil Nº1, Elche 03203 (Alicante) España
Domain: gesemconsultoria.com
Contact: Phone: +34 (96) 6610024 , email: gesem@gesemconsultoria.com
Registration details Vat number/Company tax code : B- 03067071


Gesem Consultoria y Finanzas SLP, is the owner and holder of the domain www.gesemconsultoria.com.


GESEM CONSULTORIA Y FINANZAS SLP, is registered in SPANISH DATA PROTECTION AGENCY and has its files authorized for recording and safekeeping personal data provided to us. Pursuant Organic Law 15/ 1999 on Protection Data available, we have available protection measures and other security process which guaranty that data will be used exclusively for purposes relating to our activity.

Below we communicate the contact details in case the user would like to exercise their rights of access and rectification before the responsible of the File; Gesem Consultoria y Finanzas SLP: C/ Arquitecto Santiago Perez Aracil Nº1, Elche 03203 (Alicante) España, Phone: +34 (96) 6610024 , email: gesem@gesemconsultoria.com


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1 – Object

Gesem makes this website available to internet users, in order to provide information on professional services that firm that provides and to inform of relevant updated regulations free, published during last month, in Spain and the world.

2 – Terms of Site

2.1 – Access to this Web site does not establish a contractual relationship.

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3 – . Responsibility

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3.1. In case of temporary inability to access the Web Site or some specific information or links contained therein

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