Audit and Accounting

The team of this area is governed by principles of ethics and proximity, which guarantee a broad value added service in different disciplines we develop, all these differ on the size of the company and services it needs.
GESEM’s Audit Reports are written under rigorous quality standards adapted to the requirements of the International Auditing Standards adopted by the European Union. On the other hand Accounting Outsourcing Services are also provided and are based on the previous study of the company and of its operations. It incorporates permanent updated accounting statements which allows the company to improve their management processes and to optimize resources.


  • Audit of annual accounts and other financial statements
  • Limited reviews and agreed procedures
  • Review reports on subsidies
  • Independent expert reports
  • Internal audit


  • Preparation of accounting statements: individual and consolidated
  • Preparation individual and consolidated annual accounts
  • Review of accounting procedures and internal control