Corporate amendment due to the state of alarm

In the latest Council of Ministers held on the 9th of June, a new Royal Decree-Law, the 21/2020, was approved, which establishes all kinds of new measures to fight against COVID-19, and it makes amendments to the extensive regulations adopted during the state of alarm.

When it comes to corporate matters, an amendment to the procedure to hold general meetings has been approved, according to which until the 31st of December, 2020, video or conference call meetings can be held as long as everyone who is entitled to take part in the meeting or their representatives have the necessary resources to do so, and the secretary of the governing body acknowledges their identity and conveys this in the minutes, which shall be sent to the corresponding email addresses immediately.

Therefore, for the rest of 2020, partners, members or their representatives do not have to attend meetings in person; they can take part remotely, as long as the interested parties have the technical resources to do so. These video or conference call meetings shall have full legal validity.

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