Domestic Workers Inspection Campaign

The Spanish Labour and Social Security Inspectorate has embarked on an Action Plan to standardize the wages and Social Security contributions of the domestic workers sector.

The inspection campaign focuses on employers of domestic workers to try and standardize the wages that are below the guaranteed minimum wage (SMI) and the correlative standardization of the Social Security contributions, adjusting the amount that is currently established for this, which amounts to 950 euros/months for full time work in 14 yearly payments (€1108.33/month, with the apportionment of bonuses), and for work paid by the hour, the minimum wage shall be 7.43 euros/hour.

Furthermore, the Action Plan also aims at fighting the black economy; priority will be given to complaints made and messages received in the Mailbox of the Spanish Labour and Social Security Inspectorate about domestic workers not being registered in the Social Security system.

To standardize the wages and Social Security contributions of domestic workers, the employers must inform the Spanish General Treasury of the Social Security about the real wage that has been paid since the 1st of January, 2021; under no circumstances whatsoever can it be less than the existing guaranteed minimum wage.

The deadline to carry out the aforesaid standardization is the 31st of March, 2021.

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