It is a time of opportunity, invest in Spain

The liquidity that has accumulated in the large funds and industrial investors has resulted in a considerable increase in the mergers and takeovers of companies in Spain and thanks to this trend the province of Alicante is becoming a market full of opportunities for investors. However, it is worth pointing out that it is getting difficult to find entrepreneurs who are willing to include these new partners in their shareholding, which reduces the number of transactions that are finally completed.

Laura Vicente, partner and the general manager of our firm, thinks that “in general, the objective is to make sure the company is solvent and consolidated, there is no question of start-ups. They want results and they begin to analyse the possibilities from an ebitda of a million or a million and a half euros”. That is to say, they want business with good margins in their respective sectors. For example, in the shoe sector they aim at companies that have their own powerful or specialised brands in the high-end segments. And the proposals usually arouse greater interest when they are aimed at companies where the heirs do not want to carry on with the business or, at least, part of the family wants to leave. “It is also a way to plan the continuity of the business and make sure that everyone gets their share”.

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