Job creation scheme – subsidies to convert temporary contracts into permanent contracts for vulnerable groups. Valencian Community


Private employers, including self-employed individuals, whose workplace is in the Valencian Community


a) Not be involved in anything that is prohibited in sections 2 and 3 of article 13, of the General Subsidies Law 38/2003, dated the 17th of November to be classified as a beneficiary; to this end, the entities shall submit the corresponding declaration of responsibility

b) Under no circumstances whatsoever can groups of individuals or legal entities, private or public, civil societies, joint ownership arrangements or any other type of economic unit or separate estate benefit from this scheme, despite the fact that even if they do not have a legal status, they can carry out activities eligible for subsidies.

Amount of the subsidy

The amount of the subsidy comes to €11.970. If the person hired is also a woman or someone with functional diversity, the amount goes up to €13.300; if it is a woman who has been a victim of gender-based violence or it is someone with severe functional diversity, the amount goes up to €26.600. 

The contracts must be full-time, apart from those for people with severe functional diversity, in which case the contracts can be part-time, whereby they can be subsidised with a proportional reduction of the amount of the assistance (contracts of at least 15 hours a week).

The amount granted for the subsidies is paid in full in one lump sum, once the conditions established have been justified. Nevertheless, these subsidies are subject to there being enough credit available.

Presentation periods

The starting date is the 19th of February, 2020 and the deadline is the 30th of June, 2020.


As well as what is provided for in article 14 of the General Subsidies Law 38/2003, dated the 17th of November, the obligations of the beneficiary are as follows:

a) Formalize the employment contract in writing.

b) The part-time contracts of people with severe functional diversity must specifically state the number of hours worked weekly in the clauses; the contracts concerning construction work or the provision of services, must state the estimated amount of time worked in full months.

c) The job created has to be kept for at least twenty four months.

d) While the subsidised contract is in force, the average number of registered employees working at the beneficiary company cannot drop, unless there are vacancies caused by voluntary resignation, death, unexpected disability, and retirement due to age or dismissal of the employee on disciplinary grounds or for objective grounds that are not declared to be unfair.

e) Within one month after the expiry of the job contract, supply the Report from the General Treasury of the Social Security concerning the average workforce of the company employing the registered employees while the contracts were in force. The obligation to maintain the number of employees will be considered to have been complied with if the average workforce report about the 24 months is equal to or more than the report about the average workforce of the 31 days.

f) Provide as much data and information as required by the LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service about matters concerning the subsidies awarded.

g) Inform the LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service about the request or obtaining other subsidies or assistance for the same purpose; together with any incident or change that might be made in relation to the awarded subsidy.

h) Have ledgers, processed records and other documents that have been duly audited pursuant to the terms required by the corresponding commercial and sector law; and keep the documents (including electronic documents) that prove the use of the funds received, because they might be inspected, whether they are the originals or certified copies of these.

i) Legal entities must enter the payment of the subsidy into the accounts using a specific accounting code, and the accounting statement of this must be supplied to the LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service within the time period established in letter e) of the sixteenth resolution of the official announcement, together with the standard form about the compliance of this separate accounting obligation.

j) If these subsidies are co-financed by the European Social Fund, the supporting evidence (including electronic documents) must be kept for a period of three years from the 31st of December after the presentation of the accounts in which the definitive expenses of the transaction have been included, as established in article 140.1 of the Regulation (EU) 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council, dated the 17th of December, 2013 (which is expected to take place in around 2025).

k) As the subsidies are co-financed by the European Social Fund, the beneficiary shall be subject to the information and publicity rules established in the Regulation (EU) 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council, dated the 17th of December, 2013. These rules include the fact that being awarded the subsidies involves agreeing to be included in a list of transactions that will be published online or by any other means, in which the beneficiaries, the transaction financed and the amount of the subsidy awarded are all mentioned. Moreover, the person who has been hired must be informed that these subsidies are co-financed by the European Social Fund. The beneficiary shall also be subject to the rules of information and publicity provided for in the Implementing Regulation (EU) 821/2014 of the Commission dated the 28th of July, 2014 through which the implementing rules of the Regulation (EU) 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council are established on the specific types of transfer and management of the contributions of the programme, supplying the information about the financial instruments, the technical characteristics of the transaction information and communication measures and the system used to record and store the data.

l) Comply with the transparency obligations established in the basic legislation in accordance with the provisions stipulated in article 3 of the Law 2/2015, dated the 2nd of April, from the Generalitat, on Transparency, Good Government and the Participation of Citizens of the Valencian Community, if the company gets public assistance or subsidies for more than 100,000 euros a year, or when at least, 40% of its total annual revenue is public assistance or subsidies, as long as it is for at least the amount of 5000 euros. However, any beneficiary that gets an amount of more than 10,000 euros in one year, in assistance or subsidies, from the autonomous community authorities or any other entity mentioned in article 2 of the Law 2/2015, must disclose details about this properly, stating at least the public authority that has awarded it, the amount received, the programme, activity, investment or subsidized activity.

Preferably this information will be disseminated through the corresponding websites. If there isn’t a website to publicise it, this obligation can be fulfilled through the website made available by the Generalitat.

m) Within the time period stated in letter e) of the sixteenth resolution, a standard declaration form must be supplied about the fulfilment of the transparency obligations that the aforesaid letter refers to.

n) Assist the LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service with the additional measures that favour the adaptation of the insertion provided for in the fourth additional provision of the Order. Therefore, the beneficiary must allow the employee to go to the Espai LABORA employment and training service in working hours, so that they can carry out the additional guidance tasks while the contract is in force.

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