Mandatory equality plans – Deadline 2020

We would like to remind you about the different cases in which firms are expected to set up an Equality Plan.

  • As a result of the regulatory modifications implemented in the Royal Decree-law 6/2019, which came into force on the 8th of March, 2019 and as it also established a transitional period to set it up, the obligation to implement equality plans depends on the number of regular workers in the following periods: 
Up to the 6-3-2020It was already mandatory for companies with more than 250 workers
From the 7-3-2020 to the 6-3-2021Mandatory for companies with between 151 and 250 workers
From the 7-3-2021 to the 6-3-2022Mandatory for companies with between 101 and 150 workers
From the 7-3-2022Mandatory for companies with between 50 and 1010 workers
  • When it is established in the applicable collective agreement. In this case, regardless of the number of workers, companies have to set up and use an equality plan pursuant to the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement.
  • When the labour authorities have agreed to replace the accessory penalties for the establishment and implementation of the aforesaid equality plan in a disciplinary procedure.
  • Other entities that must have an equality plan are the public authorities, regardless of the number of regular workers employed.
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