Online notifications from the Social Security authorities

On the 29th of September, 2020 the new Order ISM/903/2020, dated the 24th of September, was published, through which the online notifications and messages from the Social Security Authorities are governed.

The provisions established in this order shall be applicable to the online notifications and messages sent to:

  1. Legal entities, unincorporated entities without legal personality and anyone whose professional activity requires them to belong to the corresponding professional association.
  2. Individuals who have to join the electronic data submission system and those who join voluntarily.
  3. Individuals who have applied for or are receiving benefits due to the birth and the care of a minor, who are at risk during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. (new)
  4. Those who are registered in the Social Security electronic power of attorney Register as legal representatives to receive notifications and they have general power even when their grantors of the powers are not obliged to communicate with these authorities online.

According to the publication of this Order, any other individual, who has not been mentioned previously, can freely express their wishes to be sent notifications and messages from the Social Security Authorities exclusively online, and then later, at any time, state that they no longer wish to be sent notifications exclusively via electronic media.

We would like to remind companies that they have to visit the online site of the Social Security Authorities to get the online notifications made available for them.

The notification shall be considered to have been sent and received when the recipient accesses the content and it shall be considered to have been rejected if, within a period of ten days after being made available, the content is not accessed.

It is very important that all notifications are opened so that the interested parties can exercise their rights, where appropriate, before these authorities.

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