Paternity leave


In December, 2018, the gradual extension to 16 weeks of the paternity leave for civil servants came into force, which is another step towards gender equality. And as might be expected, this was a look ahead to what would soon happen for the rest of the workers, because on Friday, the 1st of March, the reform was approved in which this new model of paternity leave for up to 16 weeks would be implemented.

Indeed, by 2021, the equality between maternity and paternity leave will be a reality, the reform will have been completed and these rights will be individual that is to say, non-transferable between the parents.

This will therefore be the culmination of a reform, which in less than a decade, has taken gigantic steps. Especially with this latest regulation that has just come into force, which will provide for the same amount of maternity/paternity leave for the mother and the father.

Concepción Martínez, partner and the head of the labour relations department of the firm, provides us with more information on this new paternity leave.

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