Family Business Consulting

The combination of the specific family and entrepreneurial features needs special treatment that we at Gesem can offer as family business consultants.

In Spain there are many “family” businesses that contribute to supporting the Spanish economy, which are passed down from generation to generation.

Our family business consultants who specialise in the Legal and Tax Areas provide all-round advice for the business and the family in order to unify the needs in the specific applicable legal framework.


  • Advice on the legal system for private law entities that belong to the sector

    Drawing up family protocols and the articles of association with the members of the family, planning intergenerational assets: wills, gifts, pre-nuptial agreements.

  • Tax advice

    For family businesses through the structure of the organisations that incorporate the different decision making units and the implementation of the specific legal framework.

  • Economic advice for the family business

    These services include financial auditing to provide clear and transparent information that is endorsed by a duly authorised third party and asset planning.

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