Financial advice

Our asset management consultancy service is distinguished for its global outlook, flexibility and adaptation to the characteristics and needs of each client.

We work independently, which means that our interests are totally in line with those of our clients. We have been authorised by the authorities to provide ancillary services such as writing reports on investment potential together with the professionals in the area of economic consultancy.

Our objective is to provide personalised advice and investment solutions for each of the specific needs of our clients. We specialise in providing a comprehensive asset management advice service, focusing on all the aspects associated with the assets (taxation, optimum corporate structure, financial investment). As we have a global outlook and extensive knowledge of the real level of risk assumed, we can provide full personalised advice on assets.

Together with the other departments at Gesem our financial experts help clients with corporate restructuring processes, investment or structural modifications of corporate groups such as mergers, spin-offs or writing solvency reports.

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  • Advice on portfolios from €300 000

  • Advice on

    setting up and running SICAV’s

  • Advice on setting up and running investment funds

  • Family Office management

    Financial advice, tax advice, advice on the optimum corporate structure, private equity.

  • Advice on pension plan management


We focus on preserving our clients’ assets and the consistency of our results over time. Sergio Serrano Iglesias, Partner and Financial Manager

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